Hack Human

People are always evolving, learning, and adapting. In the 21st century, new technologies force us to change more quickly and dramatically than ever before. With news technology such as VR and AI, the human condition is changing. We would like to present HackHuman, this will be a hackathon focused on breaking down current barriers that the human race faces and how can we positively use technology to make us better humans. This 24-hour hackathon will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, leave preconceived notions behind, then build and pitch a product/service that uses technology in order to make us better humans. Not a coder? Not a problem! This event is open to educators and human services professionals, business minds, artists, students, technologists, and more. Join us on October 20th-21st to help us innovate a better world.

Hackathon Start Date: Friday October 20th

Hackathon Start Time: 6 PM

Hackathon Location: Impact Hub 394 Broadway

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Panel, Mentors and Judges

Neal Conlon

ACME Growth Co.

Joshua Soloway

Soloway Group PC

Dana Levin-Robinson
VP of Business Development

Virtual Health

Rahul Remanan
CEO & Co-Founder


Michael A. McNair

Moxie Reality

John Brady
Senior Vice President, Fintech Products and Services


Desiree Frieson
Program Manager

Blackstone LaunchPad

Alex Sokoletsky
Managing Partner

New Logic Technology

Vishal Srivastava
Director of Engineering

Clarity Money

Yangbo Du
Managing Director

Smart Cities Industries

June W Choi

Serval Ventures


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